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Stefano is a systems analyst and programmer with 20 years of experience. After the Secondary School Diploma in Industrial Engineering, he worked as system administrator and IT manager in different companies. Over the years, Stefano acquired most of his knowledge by working on some pilot projects, such as RevIMG, an image search engine based on Computer Vision, and Meetapalooza, a social network platform. In 2015, he founded GETCOO with his brother Claudio, Roberta Grasso and Jona Sbarzaglia.

Claudio graduated in 2007 in IT Engineering at the University of Bologna and then, in 2011, got a PhD in Computational Biophysics, developing algorithms to calculate the movement of ions through ion channels. Between 2013 and 2015 he had been a researcher at the Rush University Medical Center of Chicago, where he studied ion flow in heart and muscle cells. At the end of 2015, Claudio came back to Italy to join Stefano in their GETCOO project. Today, he develops their DART algorithm day by day.

Roberta is one of the founders of GETCOO. She graduated in Fine Arts (mainly because she’s truly passionate about mosaics) and she has an affinity for marketing and communication. She's very precious for GETCOO project since she is responsible for administration, social media communication and blog posts for our social fan pages, especially for GETCOO Travel. Like Berti brothers, she’s been playing with bricks since she was a child, creating mainly bricks-made mosaics!

Jona is a visual designer passionate about branding, type design and colors. He worked as graphic designer and art director for agencies and then, in 2012, he became freelance. In 2015 he embraced GETCOO cause, which he founded with Claudio, Stefano and Roberta. Today he creates logos, icons, web and app interfaces for all GETCOO products. Yes, he created the INSTAABRICK Logo too!

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