INSTABRICK White top + Backup kit

INSTABRICK is the first brick identifier in the world. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, INSTABRICK instantly identifies bricks’ code, simplifying the long-lasting operations of searching and sorting.


247 in stock

247 in stock

Instabrick Top

The Instabrick Top is made of an electronic board with a 5 MP camera and 20 LEDs to provide the right illumination. This guarantees to maintain the same qualitative standard necessary for the brick identification.

The Instabrick Top is exactly 16×16 brick units wide and 4 brick units tall so it fits in your creations and it can identify bricks up to 10 x 10 wide

This product includes 2 11×11 Backgrounds and Head Olders for your scans!


  • 5MP Camera
  • USB type C, socket for connecting both PC and MAC
  • No software installation needed


  •  Instabrick Top
  • Access to the Instabrick platform
  • Unlimited brick identifications
  • Monthly challenge, you can win a LEGO® set every month
  • 11 x 11 background backup
  • Scan head olders

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